Children's canopies

Children's canopy is a fabric in the form of a tent placed on a metal rim, which is a stylish cover with many uses. It can be placed above the cot, but also used as a tent for an older child or transformed into an elegant, terrace mosquito net. The canopy includes a tether that makes assembly and disassembly easy. It can be easily washed. The articles we offer are distinguished by the delicacy of materials and a romantic, slightly fairy-tale character.

Canopy for a child's room

Canopy for a child's room it will allow you to create an intimate space in which the toddler will be able to rest freely. We offer many different models that will be successfully used in a children's room. The "Raw cotton" canopy is a combination of both simplicity and naturalness. This model will surely appeal to fans of minimalist forms. It will suit bright rooms. It was made of 30% certified cotton. It is suitable for washing in a washing machine at XNUMX degrees Celsius, preferably with light and delicate fabrics.

Canopy for children's beds "Flower power" comes from an original collection. It has a subtle floral pattern painted in watercolor. It is made of breathable cotton, which hangs on a 50-centimeter hoop. The "Cream" canopy is XNUMX% cotton muslin with OEKO-TEX certificate. Perfect for a children's bed, as a tent or mosquito net.

A beautiful canopy for a crib

Canopy for a crib it does not have to be boring, on the contrary - it can be fairy-tale and unique. The “blue circus” made of natural cotton and linen, decorated in bright sea colors, will surely appeal to every toddler. The "Red Fox" model has a rusty color, and the material seems to be sprinkled with golden stars. It will undoubtedly please dreamers and little astronomy enthusiasts.

Our canopies are manufactured in Poland from the highest quality, certified materials that are safe for both children and adults. In addition, they are extremely durable and have an original design. In one sentence - they are simply inimitable and unique! We make every effort to ensure that children's canopies meet all quality criteria, as well as the expectations of parents and their children. It is worth getting acquainted with the entire range and choosing a unique canopy for your baby's room.