Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo leaves collection.

This is an original project from Moi Mili. These unique shapes and careful quilting create a beautiful form of a ginkgo leaf. Perfect workmanship and high quality of linen and velvet make each product a luxury. Ginkgo is a symbol of life, vitality and resilience. JW Goethe made the ginkgo leaves a symbol of love. And by giving this characteristic shape to our mats, pillows and garlands, in sophisticated, vivid and delicate colors, we want to encourage you to spend a good time in your favorite place at home. It could be your bedroom, living room or porch.
In our collection you will find vivid autumn colors; the colors of autumn leaves at the same time recall the expressive flavors of mango, honey and caramel. For lovers of pink, we have prepared decorations in a warm, dirty and very delicate shade of pink. The green in our collection has a deep and elegant tone. Blue appears with a touch of gray. There was also a cream and meringue version of our mats and pillows. We encourage you to create compositions from our decorations. Let's not be afraid of bold arrangements!