• Linen shell pendant "Gray" - Moi Mila
  • Linen shell pendant "Gray" - Moi Mila
  • Linen shell pendant "Gray" - Moi Mila

Linen pendant shell "Gray"

Linen shell-shaped pendant is a seemingly small decoration of a children's room and at the same time a vivid color or simply decorative accent. The shell is hung over a cotton string, which makes it easy to tie it to a tent, canopy or cot. The decoration is filled with a soft filling. We encourage you to create garlands from the color compositions of our pendants.

Moimili linen pendant is a type of wall decoration that lets you easily decorate a children's room.

The pendant is placed on a cotton string and decorated with wooden beads. Linen on both sides, it is filled with insulation, therefore it is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Pendant dimensions 18 cm x 15 cm.

Moimili products are original designs developed by us, which are characterized by the highest durability and quality. They are all created in Poland. Other similar products available on the internet usually do not meet the quality criteria.

Materials: cotton, pure cotton, garland, fabric, colorful garland, natural fabric
  • PLN 25,00 PLN