Teepee Tent "Pink"

The original Moimili tent "Pink" is a great gift idea for a girl who likes pastel colors. The tent is solidly made of thick cotton in a shade of pink, decorated with a cream trim and lace. The set is complemented by a double-sided, pink-beige quilted mat. This model can be a beautiful gift for any girl.

Our teepee tent is made of natural materials. Thanks to the five-sided structure, the tent is stable after unfolding, the poles are curved and placed in tunnels sewn at the bottom. A double-sided quilted mat filled with thick insulation is an excellent addition to the tent. The set will be perfect at home, in the garden or on the beach, we recommend checking out the set offer

Finally, our children will be able to have their own world, a small space to carry out various games. A window with a curtain adds charm. After playing, just put the tent in the cover and put it in the corner of the room. Folded, it takes up little space, and thanks to the cover you can easily take the tent outdoors. The mat can be used as a separate play mat.

The kit includes a fold-out tent for children, mat, sticks and a cotton cover. We encourage you to complement it with our beautiful decorations and Indian accessories.

Teepee fabric: 100% Cotton with OEKO-TEX® certification. 260 weight. Our teepees have CE marking.

Pine sticks: 180 cm.

Height after spacing: 170 cm.

Base diameter: 120 / 130 cm.

Mat fabric: 100% Cotton with OEKO-TEX® certification.
Size 120x120 cm, thickness 3 cm.

Washing temperature for mats and teepees: up to 30 ° C.

Moi Mili products are original designs developed by us, which are characterized by the highest durability and quality of workmanship. They are all created in Poland. Other similar products available on the internet most often do not meet the quality criteria.

  • PLN 569,00 PLN