• Indian headband "Pomegranate" - Moi Mili
  • Indian headband "Pomegranate" - Moi Mili

Indian headband "Granat"

The original Indian band Moimili "Granat" is a decoration that can be a nice gift for your child. It will be used for play at home and as a prop for a school performance. It is made entirely by hand from natural fabrics. Suitable for both boy and girl.

The Indian headband is solidly and carefully sewn from linen and cotton. Each feather was sewn by hand, and the whole delicately decorated with cotton lace and a pompon. Moi Mili's headdress will be useful for fun, costume party, photo session or as a prop in the performance. An elastic band is sewn in at the back that adjusts the size of the band between 50-56 cm.

Moimili products are original designs developed by us, which are characterized by the highest durability and quality. They are all created in Poland. Other similar products available on the internet most often do not meet the quality criteria.

Materials: cotton, soft, carnival party, cotton fabric, worsted, tassel pompon, kindertag
  • PLN 89,00 PLN