Magic set "Color magic"

A magic set designed for kids who love to play, dream and charm. It consists of two components: a crown and a wand. The crown is solidly made of high-quality cotton fabric and colorful, rainbow sequins. It is double-sided and by tying at the back it fits both the toddler's and the parent's head. The wand is made of sequins, cotton and a pine stick. The star is sewn to the leg, and the whole is delicately decorated with cotton lace or ribbon. It is 35 cm high. Moi Mili's magic set will be useful for fun, for a costume party or for a photo session.

Fabric: sequins and 100% Cotton certified by OEKO-TEX®.

Moi Mili products are original designs developed by us, which are characterized by the highest durability and quality of workmanship. They are all created in Poland. Other similar products available on the internet most often do not meet the quality criteria.